Blades of Ascension Online


This is a personal project in development.


Blades of Ascension Online is a MMORPG for PC developed by individuals, inspired by Sword Art Online. We develop this game in our free time so do not expect fast game updates or fast servers.  Blades of Ascension Online is supposed to be a VRMMORPG… We aren’t there yet. Virtual reality is still a dream to come, with the Oculus Rift being developed right now, VR might become reality within the next 10 years.

 If you want to help our project, please head over to We are looking for SAO enthusiasts and fans alike. If you are into arts (2D/3D), storywriting (Quest Design), or you know a foreign language (Japanese,French,German, etc.) or you just want to stick around and get updates, we want to know about you!

Q: When will Blades of Ascension Online be released?

A: When it’s done.

Q: Hey, I just registered a beta account via the Game Client! Where’s the confirmation email? Why can’t I login?

A: You applied for a beta account, this does not mean you were selected as a beta tester. About 500 people will receive an invitation email for the first beta event by August. Depending on our progress we will invite more people to the beta over time.

Q: What does ‘Beta Access Closed’ mean?

A: It means, Logon Server is running, but game server is down. This happens when we are working on the game itself (and not server code).

Q: If I have already received my password by email it means I am a beta tester?

A: No. This is just your account to manage your newsletter subscription.

Q: Can I log into the Game?

A: Please read the FAQ carefully.

Q: How can I join the Beta test?

A: Download the Latest Client, apply for a beta account and watch-out for an invitation mail (Sent out each Friday).


1. We currently provide the game client for Windows (XP and above) on x86 and x64 basis. Later on, we will also provide Mac OS X and Linux support.

2. Beta Access Registration is only available through the game client itself. As soon as the first closed beta event starts you will receive an invitation to join us (well with a bit of luck).

3. You are allowed to redistribute the client on your website. However the latest version will only be available on this website, so make sure to check frequently!


 Client: Windows x86/x64 Server Status: Online Beta Access: Application Open


Download BAO Client 1.0.8  and Like us on Facebook!


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