Let’s kick it off with the start of our Summer sale going from 13th  of June till 27th of June!

[creativ_alertbox icon=”leaf” colour=”green” custom_colour=””]Get a 60% discount on every music pack order on our store by using the discount code: SUMMERJAM[/creativ_alertbox]

We also added a great new deal for you in form of the All Access Bundle, this bundle includes all previous music pack releases at a discounted price and to top it off you can get the price even lower by using the discount code: SUMMERALL during the summer sale!

To celebrate the summer sale once more, we just released Inspirational Vol.4 and the Madness Music Pack on the store!


To get the discount for your order, simply enter the discount code upon checkout.


End of Year Sale


Deals up to 75%

The End of Year Sale has begun and let’s you save up to 75% until January 5th!

[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”green” custom_colour=””]Save 75% on the Inspirational Series with the EOY75 Coupon code![/creativ_alertbox]

or use

[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”green” custom_colour=””]EOY60 to save 60% on our latest releases Nightmares and Retroperspective![/creativ_alertbox]

New Music Store is Open – Christmas Discount!

Today we launched our new website design and with it our very own store! To celebrate the release of Inspirational Vol.3 and Tales of the Far East, two brand new music packs for your video game projects, we are giving away the CHRISTMAS2014 Coupon to everyone!

[creativ_alertbox icon=”star-empty” colour=”green” custom_colour=””]Simply enter this coupon on the checkout page and receive a 25% discount on your order![/creativ_alertbox]

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